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Ebola: Infection prevention and control recovery plans and implementation. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone inter-country meeting

Report of the meeting

About the meeting

Place: Monrovia, Liberia
Dates: 20-22 July 2015

Monrovia is hosting a meeting of infection prevention and control (IPC) experts from the 3 Ebola-affected countries. The overall aim of the meeting is to share experiences on IPC practices, and water and sanitation hygiene, as well as to plan the recovery and implementation.

Meetings such as this can ensure the ongoing IPC challenges can be addressed, given health system recovery and strengthening is dependent on this. This meeting comes at a critical time as the 3 countries have progressed significantly in the Ebola response but getting to zero cases is still paramount.

Objectives of the meeting

The meeting objectives are focused on harnessing key information on IPC to outline progress made and to identify successful approaches, alongside lessons learned from the 3 countries.

Preventing infections means ensuring the right services and resources are in place, and the roles and responsibilities are clearly identified. Ongoing monitoring and evaluation is at the heart of long-term improvement of health services and the meeting will outline indicators that will support this. It will also facilitate discussions on future plans, will identify immediate, medium, and long-term infection prevention priorities.

After the meeting, the participants can expect:

  • a report describing progress achieved across the 3 countries in the response phase, as well as overall meeting findings;
  • an outline of plans, implementation strategies and current recovery activities;
  • a summary of the potential for unified approaches and cross-country learning;
  • a list of common IPC, and water, sanitation and hygiene standards and indicators to be used in health-care facilities;
  • an agreed mechanism for reporting and continuous sharing of knowledge, lessons learned, documents and tools.

Meeting documents