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The role of training in West Africa Ebola response

WHO training on personal protective equipment during the Ebola outbreak in Guinea

20 April 2016 -- The magnitude of the 2014-2015 West Africa Ebola outbreak combined with a dearth of local and international expertise in tackling the disease necessitated training on a mass scale.

Over the duration of the epidemic, WHO and partners trained more than 8 000 health professionals from over 80 nations, including the Ebola-affected countries. To better understand the impact of the trainings, WHO commissioned a review, which was conducted by an independent, external body.

Training of trainers on clinical management of Ebola patients

October 2015 -- Since August 2014, WHO and its partners have developed and implemented a variety of courses to train frontline healthcare workers in the three countries directly affected by Ebola. Similar training activities have also been organized and proactively rolled-out in at-risk countries as part of preparation planning.

Effective trainings for front-line Ebola responders

Responding to the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak is a challenging task for the hundreds of thousands of national and international response personnel. Effective and timely training helps ensure that personnel on the ground have the ability to treat EVD patients and prevent further transmission. All personnel need to be able to work safely and effectively in dangerous conditions.

This website provides information, resource and updates on the training work carried out by WHO and its many national and international partners on the ground who are battling Ebola.

GO training learning package

The GO training package is a comprehensive package of modular pre-deployment training materials for WHO staff, consultants and partners deployed for the Ebola outbreak response in West Africa.

It consists of a participant handbook, flipbook, posters showing correct handwashing and learning cards. Video lectures are also produced for each session.