Emergencies preparedness, response


Meeting reports

The Independent Advisory Group on Public Health Implications of Synthetic Biology Technology Related to Smallpox

Advisory group of Independent Experts (AGIES) to review the smallpox research programme

Ad Hoc Committee for Orthopoxvirus infections

Scientific review of variola virus research 1999-2010

Biosafety inspection reports

WHO Recommendations

Distribution, handling and synthesis of variola virus DNA

Governance and Smallpox

Smallpox eradication: Reports of the Secretariat

Each year the Smallpox secretariat reports to WHO’s Governing Bodies (Executive Board and World Health Assembly).

Other publications

WHO historical collection

WHO bulletin

The achievement of global eradication of smallpox

History of international public health

This page links all WHO technical and general information on smallpox.

Institutional Repository for Information Sharing (IRIS)

Did you know that the WHO’s Institutional Repository for Information Sharing (IRIS) contains digital publications of WHO’s published material and technical information on smallpox.