Emergencies preparedness, response

Director-General statement following the sixth meeting of the Emergency Committee

26 November 2009

The Emergency Committee held its sixth meeting, by teleconference on 26 November 2009.

The Committee was updated on the global pandemic situation and considered a proposal from the WHO Director-General regarding the continuation of three temporary recommendations issued under the IHR with respect to the on-going public health emergency of international concern. There was a consensus on continuing the first two temporary recommendations . The third recommendation was updated. Because pandemic infections are now widespread, there no longer is a scientific reason to delay international travel to reduce spread of infection. However, it remains prudent for ill travellers to delay travel for personal health reasons.

Having considered the views of the Emergency Committee, and the ongoing pandemic situation, the Director-General determined it was appropriate to continue all three temporary recommendations, namely:

  • Countries should not close borders or restrict international traffic and trade
  • Intensify surveillance of unusual flu-like illness & severe pneumonia

With an updated third recommendation , namely:

  • If ill, it is prudent to delay travel.