Emergencies preparedness, response

2001 - Yellow fever in Brazil

07 March 2001

Disease Outbreak Reported

As of 6 March, the Ministry of Health of Brazil and the WHO Regional Office for the Americas (PAHO) have reported a total of 35 suspected cases in 4 states: Minas Gerais, Rondonia, Goiás and Bahia (see previous report). In Minas Gerais 32 suspected cases have occurred, including 6 deaths.  The 6 cases who died as well as 5 other cases have been laboratory confirmed (IgM ELISA), while laboratory studies are being carried out for the others.  The counties affected in Minas Gerais are Leandro Ferreira, Martinho Campos, Nova Serrana, Moema, Bom Despacho, Conceiçao do Pará and Santo Antônio do Monte, all located in the midwestern region of the State.

An intensive house-to-house vaccination campaign is underway, mainly in rural areas.  Travellers are being advised to be vaccinated before entering these areas.