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2001 - Acute neurological syndrome in Bangladesh - Update

30 May 2001

Disease Outbreak Reported

An international team made up of WHO staff from headquarters and the India country office, three epidemiologists from the Field Epidemiology Training Programme in Thailand -partners in the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network, and staff from the International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (ICDDRB)  has been assisting the Bangladesh Ministry of Health in its follow up investigations in Meherpur district near the Indian border (see previous report).

The team arrived at the site of the outbreak on the afternoon of Monday, 28 May.  The team is conducting detailed surveys in district hospitals, surrounding health facilities and in the affected village and will return to Dhaka later today. A preliminary report from the team indicates that no cases of the neurological disease are presently occurring.  Further investigation of the outbreak is continuing as its etiology is unknown at this time.