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2001 - Yellow fever in Côte dÎvoire - Update 5

25 September 2001

Disease Outbreak Reported

As of 24 September, The Ministry of Health has reported 169 cases, of which 22 are laboratory confirmed, and 20 deaths in 20 districts of the country.   In Abidjan, a total of 42 suspected cases, of which 7 are laboratory confirmed and 7 deaths have been reported.

The immunization campaign targeting 2.9 million persons began at 2 pm on 21 September. Approximately 775,000 persons have been immunized in 3 days (21-23 September). Active surveillance is taking place and surveillance programmes for adverse events following immunization have been established, along with vector control activities.

Two million doses of vaccine were delivered to Abidjan during the week of 17 September to complement the existing stocks of 300,000 doses. Vaccine stocks are projected to run out on 28 September. An additional 600,000 doses are needed and WHO is working closely with its partners to purchase the vaccine. WHO  has launched an appeal to dispatch these crucially needed vaccines for the mass immunization campaign.