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2002 - Suspected acute haemorrhagic fever syndrome in The Republic of the Congo - Update

19 June 2002

\nDisease Outbreak Reported

A three-person team from the Congolese Ministry of Health and WHO that is currently investigating 6 suspected cases including 5 deaths of acute haemorrhagic fever syndrome in Mbomo district, Cuvette Ouest region (see previous report), have traced 40 human contacts of the 6 suspected cases. No new cases have been reported since the last death on 6 June. The investigation has been hampered by the lack of community cooperation and increased emphasis will be placed on social mobilization activities.

The epidemiological pattern of this cluster and the clinical signs of the suspected cases were consistent with the previous outbreak of Ebola haemorrhagic fever in the area, but since no samples have been collected, there has been no laboratory confirmation.