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2002 - Meningococcal disease in the Great Lakes area (Burundi, Rwanda, United Republic of Tanzania) - Update 2

12 September 2002

Disease Outbreak Reported

Burundi: As of 2 September, the number of cases reported in Muyinga province remains high at 50 cases per week. Additional cases have been reported in Cankuzo province as well as in Ruyigi province (see previous report). WHO and UNICEF are providing 747 500 vaccines for the vaccination campaign; the campaign will be supported by Médecins sans Frontières (MSF) France in Muyinga province and MSF Holland in Ruyigi province.

Rwanda: As of 2 September, a total of 636 cases and 83 deaths was reported in 8 out 12 provinces in the country (see previous report). The WHO sub-regional inter-country advisor carried out an epidemiological assessment in the country. A consolidated appeal for 2 million doses of vaccine was launched by the Rwandan Ministry of Health, WHO, MSF and UNICEF to vaccinate populations in the areas at risk.

United Republic of Tanzania: A vaccination campaign will begin early next week for refugees in the camps in Kibondo district, Kibondo province as well as for those refugees registered for repatriation to the northern provinces in Burundi (see previous report). It will be carried out by the International Rescue Committee, supported by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  Surveillance is also being strengthened in Kasulo province which borders on Kibondo province.