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2002 - Yellow fever in Senegal - Update 3

25 October 2002

Disease Outbreak Reported

As of 24 October, the Ministry of Health has confirmed 41 cases and 4 deaths of yellow fever. The outbreak has affected Touba, Mbacké and Bambey districts, Diourbel region and Gossas and Fatick districts, Fatick region. Thirty-three cases were reported from Touba where urban transmission was occurring. The increase in case numbers from the previous update is based on testing that was just completed. Most of the positive results were for samples collected early in October shortly after the immunization campaign began in Touba on 1 October. The ongoing immunization campaigns in Diourbel region have achieved coverage rates of 78-94% (Touba = 94%) and the number of suspect cases in this region is declining.

The dates of onset of illness for the 2 most recent confirmed cases were 17 and 20 October. Both cases were reported from Gossas district. An immunization campaign has been planned, but additional vaccine and operational support are needed to begin the campaign.

Surveillance has been intensified in all districts in the country, including active surveillance in Dakar. To date, there have been no confirmed cases in Dakar.

Laboratory testing is being performed by the WHO Collaborating Centre at the Institut Pasteur in Dakar (IPD). The Institut de Recherche pour le Développement is carrying out entomological investigations, and with IPD and WHO have been assisting the Ministry of Health with surveillance and epidemiological investigations. WHO is supporting the immunization campaign with both technical assistance and vaccine supplies.