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Cholera in Liberia - Update

15 July 2003

Disease Outbreak Reported

New figures for the period 30 May -29 June have been reported: 1280 cases, including 15 deaths (see previous report). With 350 new cases reported during the period 30 June- 6 July, the total of cholera cases in Monrovia is now 1630, including 15 deaths. The security situation still makes it difficult to obtain exact numbers of cases and deaths.

Nongovernmental organizations, including MERLIN and Médecins sans Frontières (France and Belgium) have established diarrhoeal units at centres for internally displaced people in the city.

WHO, with UNICEF, is working with the Ministry of Health to finalize plans to extend the mass chlorination activities to communities in Monrovia and its surrounding areas. In addition, WHO is distributing health education materials on cholera prevention and control to health facilities and communities.