Emergencies preparedness, response

Yellow fever in Mali

6 January 2005

WHO has received reports of one laboratory confirmed case of yellow fever in the district of Kita. The 14-year old patient died on 12 November 2004.

A team from the Ministry of Health, Mali and WHO quickly investigated the outbreak and took 8 additional blood samples. The MoH organized a catch-up vaccination campaign in an area of 15 kms around the affected village to prevent the occurrence of cases.

The last outbreak in this region was in 1987, with a total of 305 cases and 145 deaths (case fatality rate: 45.4%).

A multidisciplinary investigation team comprising staff from the MoH, WHO and Institut Pasteur Dakar arrived on 2 January 2005 to assess the risk of the disease spreading and define additional control measures to be implemented, such as a mass vaccination campaign in the entire region. The assessment mission is supported by ECHO funding.