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Meningococcal disease in the Philippines - update 2

28 January 2005

From 1 October 2004 to 28 January 2005, a total of 98 cases (74 from Baguio City, 22 from Mt. Province and 2 from Ifugao)of meningococcal disease and 32 deaths (case fatality ratio, 33%) has been reported (see previous report).

The Department of Health, Philippines and the local government health authorities, assisted by a team from the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network have established provincial multidisciplinary operations centres in Mountain and Benguet provinces to contain the outbreak. Laboratory capacity for the collection and detection of meningococcal disease and management of cases has been strengthened. Intensive surveillance and contact tracing in the community has also been carried out, while further epidemiological studies are ongoing.