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Plague in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - update 2

4 March 2005

The multidisciplinary team (see previous report) has reported a total of 57 cases (54 suspect cases, 3 probable cases), including 16 deaths in Zobia, Bas-Uélé district, Oriental province. These figures are based on the current situation and a retrospective analysis of cases. With the exception of 2 cases of the septicaemic form of plague, all recorded cases are pneumonic plague.

Out of 18 specimens tested, preliminary laboratory results from Kisangani Provincial Laboratory confirm 10 positive specimens by direct examination (sputum).

Contact tracing and follow up of 125 contacts is continuing. The team is providing support to the clinical management of cases in Zobia and Médecins sans Frontières - Belgium are constructing 2 isolation centres. Social mobilization activities are taking place in surrounding areas.