Emergencies preparedness, response

Cholera in Senegal

29 March 2005

From 1 January-23 March 2005, the Ministry of Health, Senegal has reported a total of 2054 cases and 8 deaths in Touba, Mbacké and Bambey districts of Diourbel region. A pilgrimage "le Magal de Touba" is currently taking place, which may account for the high increase in cases in these districts in the past week. The outbreak appears to be extending to other regions as well. As a result of the heightened risk of additional cases, it is critical that control measures be put in place and activities to raise awareness about the disease be disseminated throughout the community for increased prevention at the individual level.

WHO is providing technical support to the Ministry of Health, including the intensification of surveillance, case management and health promotion activities.

Vibrio cholerae has been laboratory confirmed in 14 out of 17 samples tested.