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Avian influenza – situation in Indonesia – update 29

16 September 2005

The Ministry of Health in Indonesia has today confirmed a fatal case of human infection with H5N1 avian influenza. The case occurred in a 37-year-old woman who resided in Jakarta. She developed symptoms on 31 August, was hospitalized on 6 September, and died on 10 September.

The positive test results were received from a WHO reference laboratory in Hong Kong.

The government has launched investigations, assisted by WHO, aimed at identifying the source of the woman’s infection and tracing her close contacts, including family members, neighbours, and hospital staff engaged in her treatment.

The woman lived in an area with multiple opportunities for exposure to chickens and ducks. No recent poultry deaths have been reported in the area. Poultry samples have been taken by agriculture authorities as part of the ongoing investigation.

This is the country’s second laboratory-confirmed case.

In July 2005, a cluster of 3 deaths in one family was investigated. H5N1 infection was confirmed in the 38-year-old father but laboratory test results for his two daughters did not meet criteria for acute H5N1 infections. WHO reports only laboratory-confirmed cases.

Investigation of the July family cluster was unable to determine the source of exposure. Testing and monitoring of more than 300 close contacts failed to detect any further cases.