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Cholera in Angola - update 5

21 June 2006

As of 19 June 2006, Angola has reported a total of 46 758 cases including 1893 deaths with an overall (case fatality rate, CFR 4.0%). Fourteen out of 18 provinces are affected; of all cases, 49% have occurred in Luanda and 17% in Benguela provinces. The CFR, broken down by province, ranges between 1 and 30%.

Although current trends show a decline in most provinces, a daily incidence of around 125 cases is still being reported. (see epicurve with weekly incidence). The trend to decline continues to be observed in the provinces of Kwanza Norte, Bengo, Malange, and Luanda. The provinces with higher daily incidence are Luanda (42%) and Namibe (16%).

cholera map
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A plan of action for cholera has been drawn up and agreed upon by all partners at country level, for short, medium and long-term response to the outbreak.

WHO is sending Interagency Diarrhoeal Disease Kits to the most affected provinces and continues to support the Ministry of Health in its surveillance, water and sanitation, social mobilization and logistics activities.

angola epicurve
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