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Information and Communication Technologies for Public Health Emergency Management

The Information and Communication Technologies for Public Health Emergency Management (ICT4PHEM) is a technical collaboration of existing institutions and networks who pool human, technical and technological resources together to provide enhanced ICT solutions to predict, prevent and support Public Health Emergencies.

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The world requires a global system that can rapidly identify, assess and contain public health threats and emergencies to reduce morbidity and mortality and avoid disruption of trade, travel and society in general. An integrated global alert and response system for epidemics and other public health emergencies is also required under the International Health Regulations (IHR2005). In order to be effective and efficient, this system needs to leverage the latest developments in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) solutions to support threat detection, risk assessment, event verification and response at national and international levels.


The initial meeting of partners in Geneva in April 2009 brought together interested parties from academia, non-governmental organizations and the private sector carrying out research or development of innovative tools and solutions addressing these needs. Participants identified the need for a global collaboration, building on new and existing partnerships and initiatives, to integrate, adapt, develop, enhance, promote and make available ICT tools for Public Health Emergency Management to public health actors.

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Please contact the ICT4PHEM secretariat at ict4phem@who.int