Global Alert and Response (GAR)

WHO Report on Global Surveillance of Epidemic-prone Infectious Diseases - African trypanosomiasis

Publications and Documents

  • Trypanosomiasis Humaine Africaine: Surveillance epidemiologique et systeme d'information Geographique, 1996, World Health Organization unpublished manuscript. (For a copy contact J. Jannin or P. Cattand, WHO, Avenue Appia, 1211 Geneve 27 - Switzerland).
  • Control and Surveillance of African Trypanosomiasis. Report of a WHO Expert Committee, Geneva,World Health Organization, 1998 (WHO Technical Report Series, No. 881).
  • Human African Trypanosomiasis Treatment and Drug Resistance Network. Report of the first meeting. Geneva, World Health Organization, 1999, WHO/CDS/CSR/EDC/99.5.

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