Emergencies preparedness, response

WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research
Report of the Eighth Meeting

Geneva, Switzerland, 16-17 November 2006



1. Introduction
2. Report from the Secretariat
3. Update on variola virus strains in the two virus repositories
4. Need for further sequencing of variola virus DNA
5. Update on diagnostics and vaccines
6. Animal models
7. Candidate antiviral drugs
8. Virus neutralizing scFv antibodies against human pathogenic orthopoxviruses
9. Distribution of variola virus DNA fragments and transfer of such material to third parties
10. Outbreak of a cowpox-like virus in zoo animals in Germany
11. Operational considerations for smallpox diagnosis
12. New/updated proposals submitted to WHO
13. Miscellaneous

Annex 1: Approved research projects
Annex 2: Agenda
Annex 3: List of participants