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WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research
Report of the Ninth Meeting, Geneva, Switzerland, 29-30 November 2007

Geneva, Switzerland, 29-30 November 2007



1. Introduction
2. Report from the WHO Secretariat
3. Update on research proposals submitted to WHO
4. Update on variola virus strains held in the USA repository
5. Update on variola virus strains in the Russian collection
6. Conservation of DNA and study of molecular evolution of variola virus
7. Review of the records which accompanied the the variola virus seeds comprised in the reference collection
8. Refinement of primate models using variola to facilitate acceptance of countermeasures for smallpox
9. ST-246: drug development and human clinical safety studies
10. ST-246:animal efficacy studies
11. The critical role of of the viral TNF receptor in mousepox
12. Human B cell responses following smallpox vaccination
13. Immunogenicity studies of candidate DNA vaccines based on variola virus genes
14. Efficacy of MVA and Dryvax vaccines to induce variola virus neutralizing antibodies
15. Update on the attenuated MVA vaccine
16. Epidemiology and non-clinical/clinical evaluation of the LC16m8 vaccine
17. Regulatory issues about lincensing 3rd generation vaccines
18. Preliminary characterization of a collection of monoclonal antibodies generated against expressed vaccinia virus proteins, and their recognition of variola virus
19. Use of VIG, cidofovir and ST-246 in the treatment of a severe case of eczema vaccinatum
20.Preliminary results from the study of natural history of human monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
21. Composition of the Scientific Sub-Committee for the evaluation of research proposals
22. Review of the research work done by laboratories that have obtained limited regions of variola virus DNA with WHO approval
23. Variola virus DNA: third party transfers
24. Information on the operational procedures for the release of the WHO vaccine stockpile and operational aspects for the establishment of regional surge diagnostic capacity

Annex 1: Agenda
Annex 2: List of participants