Emergencies preparedness, response

Guidelines for the Surveillance and Control of Anthrax in Humans and Animals


Statement of commercial impartiality

1 The disease and its importance

2 Etiology and ecology

3 Anthrax in animals

4 Anthrax in humans

5 Pathogenesis and pathology

6 Bacteriology

7 Treatment

8 Control

9 Surveillance

Appendix I - Methods

Appendix II - Media and Reagents

Appendix III - Disinfection, Decontamination and Incineration of Carcasses

Appendix IV - International Zoo-Sanitary Code

Appendix V - Vaccines

Appendix VI - Contingency Plan for the Prevention and Control of Anthrax

Appendix VII - Model Country Programme

Appendix VIII - Packaging, Labelling and Documentation for Transport>

Appendix IX – References

Figures and Diagrams