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Laboratory Biosafety Manual - Third Edition

For more than 20 years, since it was first published in 1983, the Laboratory Biosafety Manual has provided practical guidance on biosafety techniques for use in laboratories at all levels.

For this new edition, the manual has been extensively revised and expanded. The manual now covers risk assessment and safe use of recombinant DNA technology, and provides guidelines for the comissioning and cetification of laboratories. Laboratory biosecurity concepts are introduced, and the latest regulations for the transport of infectious substances are reflected. Material on safety in health-care laboratories, previously published elsewhere by WHO, has also been incorporated.

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Electronic versions

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  • Italian -
    pdf, 948kb

    Reproduced with permission from the Publisher - Ospedale San Martino di Genova e Cliniche Universitarie Convenzionate
  • Georgian
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  • Japanese -
    pdf, 2.83Mb

    Reproduced with permission from the Publisher - Biomedical Science Association of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
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    This translation was performed by the project “Strengthening the Services of Public Health Laboratories”, an EU funded project managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by Eptisa International.
  • Vietnamese -
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    Reproduced with permission from the Publisher - Institute of Hygiene & Epidemiology of Tay Nguyen, Dak Lak province, Viet Nam


-Part I- Biosafety Guidelines
-Part II- Biosecurity Guidelines
-Part III- Laboratory equipment
-Part IV- Good microbiological techniques
-Part V- Introduction to biotechnology
-Part VI- Chemical, fire and electrical safety
-Part VII- Safety organization and training
-Part VIII- Safety checklist
-Part IX- References, annexes and index