Emergencies preparedness, response

Laboratory biosafety manual. Second edition (revised). Interim guidelines




General principles

PART I Guidelines

Risk assessment

Basic laboratories – Biosafety Levels 1 and 2

The containment laboratory – Biosafety Level 3

The maximum containment laboratory – Biosafety Level 4

PART II Laboratory equipment

Biological safety cabinets

Equipment-related hazards

Equipment designed to reduce biological hazards

PART III Good microbiological technique

Safe laboratory techniques Biosafety and recombinant DNA technology

Transport of infectious substances

Contingency plans and emergency procedures

Disinfection and sterilization

PART IV Chemical, fire and electrical safety

Hazardous chemicals

Fire in the laboratory

Electrical hazards

PART V Safety organization and training

The biosafety officer and safety committee

Safety rules for support staff

Training programmes

Safety checklist


ANNEX 1 Immunization of staff

ANNEX 2 WHO Biosafety Collaborating Centres