Emergencies preparedness, response

Strengthening implementation of the global strategy for dengue fever/dengue haemorrhagic fever


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Strengthening Implementation of the Global Strategy for Dengue Fever/Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever

Executive summary

Introductory remarks

Background and purpose of the consultation

Global status of dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever

Overview of the global strategy

Dengue and the Tropical Disease Research Programme (TDR)

WHO regional perspectives on implementation of the global strategy

Surveillance for planning and response
    A. Epidemiological surveillance
    B. Entomological surveillance
    C. Tracking behaviour change in the community

Reducing the disease burden
    A. Framework for disease management
    B. Emergency response

Changing behaviours
    A. Lessons from other behaviour change programmes
    B. Building partnerships

    A. Surveillance for planning and response
    B. Reducing the disease burden
    C. Changing behaviours and building partnerships