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WHO guidelines on the use of vaccines and antivirals during influenza pandemics


Development of the document
The first draft of this document was the result of a consensus reached by participants at a WHO Consultation in October 2002. The draft was published on the WHO web site for comments. These comments were then reviewed by the Chair of the Consultation and working group members and incorporated in the final document by a review group.

WHO Guidelines on the use of Vaccines and Antivirals during Influenza Pandemics

1. Introduction
2. Background
3. Guidelines for the use of vaccines and antivirals
3.1 Establishing goals and priorities
3.2 Guidelines on vaccine use during a pandemic
3.3 Guidelines for antiviral use during a pandemic
4. Recommendations
4.1 Recommendations for establishing goals
4.2 Vaccines
4.3 Antivirals
4.4 Surveillance
Annex 1 - Pandemic Influenza
Annex 2 - List of participants
Annex 3 - Global Agenda on Influenza Surveillance and Control
Annex 4 - Considerations for the Use of Vaccines during an Influenza pandemic
Annex 5 - Considerations for the Use of Antivirals during an Influenza pandemic