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Control of epidemic meningococcal disease. WHO practical guidelines. 2nd edition


Control of Epidemic Meningococcal Disease. WHO Practical Guidelines. 2nd edition

1. Magnitude of the Problem
  • Review of epidemics since the 1970s
  • Risk factors for epidemics
  • Meningococcal meningitis as part of bacterial meningitis
  • Viral meningitis
2. The Disease
  • How to recognize and confirm meningococcal disease
  • How to manage patients with meningococcal disease
  • How to prevent meningococcal disease
3. How to Detect and Confirm an Outbreak or Epidemic of Meningococcal Disease
  • Epidemic versus endemic disease
  • Planning and implementation of an early warning system
  • Rapid assessment of a suspected epidemic of meningococcal disease
4. How to Plan for and Respond to an Epidemic
  • A national/provincial crisis committee
  • Informing the public
  • Planning an appropriate emergency response
  • Sustaining the control programme and ensuring follow up
  • Documenting the epidemic
5. Interepidemic Prophylaxis
  • Containment around a patient with meningococcal disease, in non-epidemic conditions
  • Routine vaccination
  • Advice to travellers
Suggested Further Reading
Annex 1: Techniques for Gram Stain and Methylene Blue Stain
Annex 2: General Method for Performing Latex Agglutination Tests
Annex 3: IM Injectable Oily Chloramphenicol
Annex 4: Vaccine Product Information
Annex 5: Public Domain Computer Software for Epidemiological Investigations
Annex 6: Checklist of Materials Required for Field Investigation
Annex 7: Diagnostic Materials for Neisseria Meningitidis
Annex 8: Trans-isolate Medium: Composition and Preparation
Annex 9: Sources of Kits for Mass Vaccination Campaigns
Annex 10: Organizing a Vaccination Session
Annex 11: Vaccination Card
Annex 12: WHO Collaborating Centres for Meningococcal Infections