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Protocol for the assessment of national communicable disease surveillance and response systems. Guidelines for assessment teams


Protocol for the Assessment of National Communicable Disease Surveillance and Response Systems. Guidelines for Assessment Teams


       What should this document be used for?
       What is the national surveillance system?
       Why assess the national surveillance system?
       What is a multi-disease or integrated approach to disease surveillance?
       What are the aims and objectives of the assessment?
       What should be assessed?

       What should guide the assessment?
Procedures, activities and timetable of the assessment
        Phase I Planning the mission
        Phase II The Assessment
                  Step 1 Pre-assessment facilitated workshop with national team
                  Step 2 Training of assessment teams
                  Step 3 Field assessment

                  Step 4 Analysis and preliminary report writing
                  Step 5 Post-assessment workshop to present preliminary findings
       Phase III Workshop to elaborate plan of action
       Phase IV Follow-up of the implementation of the multi-disease approach to surveillance
List of Annexes

       Annex 1.0 Surveillance Definitions
       Annex 2.0 Mission Planning Checklist
                 Annex 2.1 Logistics Checklist

                 Annex 2.2 MOH/WR Planning Spreadsheet
      Annex 3.0 Setting of Objectives for Assessment and Team Organization.
                 Annex 3.1 Prototype Terms of Reference for Assessment
                 Annex 3.2 List of Participants in Assessment Team

      Annex 4.0 Priority Setting Exercise
      Annex 5.0 Inventory of Current Surveillance Activities
                Annex 5.1 Description of Major Surveillance Activities to Identify Gaps
      Annex 6.0 Surveillance System(s), Flow Chart(s) and Task Description
      Annex 7.0 Task Analysis by Level for Priority Diseases
      Annex 8.0 Designing Tools for Field Assessment
      Annex 9.0 Selection of Assessment Sites and Scheduling of Visits
               Annex 9.1 Selection of Samples for Regions, Districts, and Health Facilities
               Annex 9.2 Schedule and Logistics
               Annex 9.3 Conduct During Field Assessment
     Annex 10.0 Analysis, Preliminary Report Writing
               Annex 10.1 Prototype Report Writing Format
      Annex 11.0 PoA Matrix
      Annex 12.0 Generic Questionnaires
      Annex 13.0 Laboratory Assessment
     Annex 14.0 Assessment of Geographic Information Systems and Mapping Resources