Global Alert and Response (GAR)

Yellow fever


I. Introduction
II. Historical review
        II. 1 Pre-vaccination epidemiology
        II. 2 Pre-vaccination epidemiology in Africa
        II. 3 Development of vaccines
        II. 4  Early post-vaccination epidemiology 1940-1980
       III. 1 Vector reservoir, vertebrate maintainer and amplifier
       III. 2  Yellow fever virus
       III. 3 Transmission cycles and vectors that affect them
       III. 4 Distribution, ecological zones and types of transmission in Africa  
       III. 5 Recent epidemiology in Africa
       III. 6 Risk factors
       III. 7 Epidemiology in the Americas
       III. 8 Yellow fever and Asia
IV. Cost effectiveness of yellow fever vaccination
V. Surveillance
       V.1  Definition of surveillance
       V.2  Yellow fever sentinel surveillance in Kenya
VI. Comments and suggestions
Summary of recommendations
Appendix I: Examples of historical yellow fever epidemics
Appendix II: Yellow fever cases reported in Africa 1900-1996
Appendix III: African vectors
Appendix: IV: African vertebrate hosts
Appendix V: South American vectors and vertebrate hosts