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Summary table of areas that experienced local transmission of SARS during the outbreak period from 1 November 2002 to
31 July 2003 a,b,c

21 November 2003

This table presents a summary of the areas around the world that experienced local transmission of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) during the outbreak period. The table has been compiled from the reports that WHO has received from public health authorities. The notes provide important information for the interpretation of this table.

Country Area From^d To^e
Canada Greater Toronto Area 23-Feb-03 2-Jul-03
Canada New Westminster (within the Greater Vancouver Area) 28-Mar-03 5-May-03
China Beijing 2-Mar-03 18-Jun-03
China Guangdong 16-Nov-02^f 7-Jun-03
China Hebei 19-Apr-03 10-Jun-03
China Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 15-Feb-03 22-Jun-03
China Hubei 17-Apr-03 26-May-03
China Inner Mongolia 4-Mar-03 3-Jun-03
China Jilin 1-Apr-03 29-May-03
China Jiangsu 19-Apr-03 21-May-03
China Shanxi 8-Mar-03 13-Jun-03
China Shaanxi 12-Apr-03 29-May-03
China Tianjin 16-Apr-03 28-May-03
China Taiwan 25-Feb-03 5-Jul-03
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar 5-Apr-03 9-May-03
Philippines Manila 6-Apr-03 19-May-03
Singapore Singapore 25-Feb-03 31-May-03
Vietnam Hanoi 23-Feb-03 27-Apr-03
  • Local transmission occurred when one or more reported probable cases of SARS most likely acquired their infection locally regardless of the setting in which this may have occurred.
  • The United Kingdom (UK) had previously reported local transmission in London; the UK case associated with local transmission was discarded on 12 May 2003 as the clinical picture and laboratory findings were consistent with influenza.
  • The United States of America had previously reported local transmission associated with two independent imported cases with dates of onsets of illness on 13 March and 16 March 2003. The source of infection is uncertain for one of the secondary cases whose onset of illness was 18 March and who had travelled with one of these two imported cases. The secondary case associated with other imported case has subsequently been discarded.
  • The "from" date is the date of onset of the first imported case that most likely started a local chain of transmission.
  • The "to" date is 20 days after the last reported locally acquired probable case died or was appropriately isolated. The period during which local transmission occurred includes the "from" and "to" dates.
  • Indicates date of onset of first identified case in Guangdong.