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Cumulative Number of Reported Cases (SARS)

From: 1 Feb 2003 To: 26 Mar 2003, 13:00 GMT+1

Country Cumulative number of case(s) Number of deaths Local transmission*
Canada  19  3  Yes
China, Guangdong Province+  792 31 Yes
China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region   316  10**  Yes
China, Taiwan  6  0  Yes
France  1  0  None
Germany  4  0  None
Italy  3  0  None
Republic of Ireland  2  0  None
Singapore  74  1  Yes
Switzerland  2  0  To be determined
Thailand  3  0  None
United Kingdom  3  0  None
United States  40 §  0  To be determined
Viet Nam  58  4  Yes
Total 1323 49  

Cumulative number of cases includes number of deaths.

As SARS is a diagnosis of exclusion, the status of a reported case may change over time. This means that previously reported cases may be discarded after further investigation and follow-up.

*National public health authorities report to WHO on the areas in which local chain(s) of transmission is/are occurring. These areas are provided on the list of Affected Areas.

+This is an updated report of cases from 16 November 2002 to 28 February 2003 in Guangdong Province. The number of cases was compiled from investigations as well as hospital reports and may include suspect as well as probable cases of SARS.

§Due to differences in the case definitions being used at a national level, probable cases are reported by all countries except the United States of America, which is reporting suspect cases under investigation.

**One death attributed to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China occurred in a case medically transferred from Viet Nam.