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Cumulative Number of Reported Cases (SARS)

From: 1 Feb 2003 To: 24 Mar 2003, 16:00 GMT+1

Country Cumulative number of case(s) Number of deaths Local transmission*
Canada  11  3  Yes
China +      
France  1  0  None
Germany  4  0  None
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China  260  10**  Yes
Italy  2  0  None
Republic of Ireland  1  0  None
Singapore  65  0  Yes
Spain  1  0  None
Switzerland  2  0  To be determined
Taiwan, China  6  0  Yes
Thailand  5  0  None
United Kingdom  3  0  None
United States  37 §  0  To be determined
Viet Nam  58  4  Yes
Total 456 17  

Cumulative number of cases includes number of deaths.

As SARS is a diagnosis of exclusion, the status of a reported case may change over time. This means that previously reported cases may be discarded after further investigation and follow-up.

* National public health authorities report to WHO on the areas in which local chain(s) of transmission is/are occurring. These areas are provided on the list of Affected Areas (See http://www.who.int/csr/sars/areas/en/).

+ The Chinese authorities have previously reported cases of atypical pneumonia in Guangdong province from 1 November 2002 to 9 February 2003. Further investigation is underway to update figures.

§ Due to differences in the case definitions being used at a national level, probable cases are reported by all countries except the United States of America, which is reporting suspect cases under investigation.

** One death attributed to Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China occurred in a case medically transferred from Viet Nam.