Planning for ear and hearing care

The profile and causes of hearing loss vary greatly across and within regions, as does the availability of infrastructure and resources to address it. It is important that each country develop its own strategic plan to deal with hearing loss and its causes.

A national ear and hearing care strategy should seek to reduce the prevalence, incidence and impact of hearing loss in the community, through public health approaches that are integrated with the country’s health system and service delivery. The development of a holistic and integrated strategic plan is the first step towards provision of effective and sustainable ear and hearing care services.

The Manual on planning and monitoring of national ear and hearing care strategies provides guidance on developing and implementing such a strategy. The manual is accompanied by the Ear and Hearing Care Situation Analysis Tool, which provides a detailed framework for an initial assessment of ear and hearing care service provision within the country.

The documents will be available in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish. They will be made available at this webpage shortly.

Planning & monitoring of national strategies

Situation analysis tool