Archive of news and events on prevention of deafness

19-20 April 2017: 2nd Meeting of the WHO Working Group for Revision of Ear and Hearing Disorders Survey Protocol

WHO is in the process of developing a handbook to assist Member States in undertaking prevalence surveys to assess the extent and causes of hearing loss. A working group has been constituted for guiding this process. This 2nd Meeting resulted in the development of the draft handbook, with proposal to include a rapid assessment tool for estimation of hearing loss prevalence. The handbook is set to be finalized by end of 2017.

6-7 March 2017: WHO-ITU Consultation on the Make Listening Safe Initiative

WHO’s Make Listening Safe initiative aims to reduce the risk of hearing loss posed by unsafe listening. A consultation on this initiative was organized in collaboration with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at WHO headquarters to review progress in different areas of work and determine next steps. Experts in the field of audiology, public health, epidemiology, acoustics, sound engineering, representatives of standardization agencies, consumer organizations, manufacturers and users of personal audio systems participated in the discussions. Concrete actions were planned and timelines set for their completion including development of standards for safe listening devices; a health communication strategy; an app for safe listening and research protocol.

3 March 2017: World Hearing Day 2017

This year on World Hearing Day 2017, 3 March, WHO joined partners in drawing attention to the economic impact of hearing loss through the theme “Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment”. WHO released a new report, namely Global costs of unaddressed hearing loss and cost-effectiveness of interventions. An event was organized at the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland to mark the Day.

6-7 December 2016: Multi-country workshop on ear and hearing care in WHO Western Pacific Region in Bejing, China

7 July 2016: WHO Stakeholders’ Consultation on prevention of deafness and hearing loss

5 July 2016: Technical meetings on hearing loss

An ad hoc consultation on national strategies and indicators for hearing loss was held on 4-5 July. Experts from across the world worked to lay out the structure for two proposed technical documents, which will support Member States in planning for and monitoring ear and hearing care activities. Another ad hoc consultation on 8 July initiated the process of revision of the WHO Primary Ear and Hearing Care training resources.

30 May 2016: 139th Executive Board discussed the issue of hearing loss

The 139th Executive Board discussed the issue of hearing loss. A resolution was proposed by the Russian Federation and co-sponsored by Columbia, the Dominican Republic and South Africa. Many countries from across all regions appreciated the secretariat report and supported the proposed resolution. The resolution was adopted with minor amendments and will now be tabled at the 70th World Health Assembly in May 2017.