Future of financing for WHO

Background note

The discussion initiated in January 2010 on the future of the financing of WHO, the subsequent deliberations in 2010 and 2011 both by the Executive Board and by the World Health Assembly on the matter, as well as the inputs provided by Member States in different recent opportunities when consultative processes on the future of WHO have taken place, have resulted in a concerted vision on the need for a reform of WHO in order to place the Organization at the forefront of the global health challenges of the 21st Century.

In January 2010, the Director-General of WHO, Dr Margaret Chan convened an informal consultation on the future of financing for WHO. The consultation brought together senior officials and ministers from ministries of health, development cooperation, finance and foreign affairs speaking in their personal capacity.

While the starting point for the meeting was a discussion about the financing of WHO, participants raised more fundamental questions about the role of WHO and the nature of its core business in the rapidly changing environment of global health. These questions, and the discussions which led to them, are described in the report The future of financing for WHO: report of an informal consultation convened by the Director General, Geneva Switzerland, 12-13 January 2010.

During the consultation the Director-General undertook to report to the Executive Board the views of Member States on the issues raised. Following a web-based consultation with Member States and discussion at the Regional Committees, a summary of the consultation and a report was presented to the January 2011 Executive Board.

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