Diabetes Programme

Network of experts and collaborators

In our goal to reduce the burden of diabetes and its complications worldwide. We work with an array of professionals and organizations dedicated to improving the quality of the life of persons living with diabetes. This section includes information on our network of excellence on diabetes, and an opportunity for you to work with them.

International Diabetes Federation: member associations

IDF is the only global advocate for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers with the mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide. To achieve their goals they work together with their member associations to enhance the lives of people with diabetes worldwide. Membership to the IDF includes over a 190 diabetes associations from over 150 countries from around the world.

WHO regional focal points for diabetes

WHO has six regional offices that are home to a team working on noncommunicable chronic diseases. You can contact these individuals for more information on specific regional initiatives that you may be interested in as well as the opportunity to collaborate with them in local or national diabetes prevention and control.

WHO Collaborating Centres on diabetes

The network of WHO collaborating centres has been developed over the years to facilitate scientific and technical cooperation between the Organization and its Member States. The Diabetes Programme works with many professional organizations and academic institutions in its pursuit of its goal to fight diabetes around the globe. Our collaborations are based on a spectrum of functions from clinical research, to epidemiological studies, to civil society initiatives and health education programmes.