Diabetes Programme

Activities of Diabetes Action Now

Work at sentinel sites

Work is underway to identify sentinel sites where work of the programme will be carried out in the field. In two sentinel sites, in India and in Senegal, assessment of diabetes awareness and local awareness-rising activities will be undertaken. In two other sentinel sites, health economic studies will provide information about the economic impact of diabetes and related complications in low- and middle-income countries.

WHO technical report on the prevention of diabetes and its complications

Research and writing is underway to publish a new evidence-based review on the prevention of diabetes and its complications. The revised WHO technical report on "The prevention of diabetes and its complications" will be available in the end of 2006.

Practical guidance for the implementation of national diabetes programmes

Up-to-date, practical guidance will be produced on the contents, structure and implementation of national diabetes programmes. The guidance will include a section that will apply to health-system requirements for all chronic medical conditions as well as a section highlighting the specific needs for diabetes prevention and care.

Web-based support for policy makers

Diabetes Action Now will establish and maintain a web-based resource entitled Diabetes Action Online, to assist policy makers in the implementation of national diabetes programmes. This source is likely to include educational material, treatment guidelines and training material developed in different settings, and up-to-date source of practical evidence-based information and online access to expert advice.

Progress of Diabetes Action Now

Various ongoing measures will be taken to determine the progress of Diabetes Action Now. Whenever press releases or new publications are issued, the distribution and uptake will be monitored in order to determine whether those people who are in most need of the information are being reached.


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