Diabetes Programme

The many faces of diabetes

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WHO/Patrick Brown

Thailand: Kim is 16 years old and has type 1 diabetes, but has learned to live a healthy life. Kim is a professional Thai Khon performer. He said, "When I realized that I had to travel to perform Khon at events, in the beginning I wasn't sure if my condition would be an impediment. But I have learned to prepare well for each trip and I never forget the medicine box.”

WHO/Eduardo Martino

Brazil: Roque is 70 years old, and has had diabetes for the past 11 years. As a result of complications of diabetes, he became blind 9 years ago. His wife has given up her job to take care of him. She shows great strength and communicates a positive acceptance of their situation. They see doctor Tessa regularly at a diabetes center in Salvador, Bahia.

WHO/Tania Habjouqa

Jordan: Raghad lives in a refugee camp in Jordan. She suffers from type 1 diabetes. She sees health teams regularly to monitor her condition and receive health education. "It is hard to keep the insulin cool in the summer with limited electricity in the camp," she said. She excises to stay healthy: skipping rope is her favorite activity.

WHO/Fredrik Naumann

Norway: Hasse has type 1 diabetes. He wears an insulin pump and exercises daily. He says that his life is not affected much by diabetes.

WHO/Quinn Mattingly

Viet Nam: Hoa, 68 years old, lives with her husband in Doi Son village, Ha Nam Province, Viet Nam. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes three years ago and suffers from several complications, including hypertension. She takes medications daily.

WHO/Andrew Esiebo

Nigeria: Adeniran, 54 years old, receives regular care at a medical center in Lekki, Lagos. Adeniran is the chairman of the Diabetes Mellitus Association of the General Hospital, Gbagada. He has type 2 diabetes and had his right foot amputated. He wears a prosthesis. He is fully compliant with his medication and tries to maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

WHO/Patrick Brown

Thailand: Bon (boy) and Mi (girl) both have type 1 diabetes. They are from Kanchanburi, a two and an half hour drive west of Bangkok; they travel together with their mothers to save on costs to Bangkok for their weekly checkups at the Siriaji Hospital in Bangkok. In their Mikey and Minnie mouse cooling bags, they keep their diabetes medicines.

WHO/Patrick Brown

Thailand: Sip lives on the outskirts of Bangkok with his mother. He has type 1 diabetes. “Sip has good teacher at school. His teacher and I, we exchange pictures of him while he is at school and she updates me during the day. I'm very glad with her help and he loves his teacher very much," said Sip's mother.