Diabetes Programme

Diabetes related images

All images may be downloaded and used, provided credit is given to WHO and photographers as mentioned in individual photos.

WHO/Atul Loke

Global burden
Over the past four decades, diabetes prevalence has risen faster in low- and middle-income countries. In this image, a nurse from Thane Civil Hospital in India checks the level of sugar in the blood of diabetic patients.

WHO/Eduardo Martino

Complications of diabetes
Diabetes complications include vision loss as well as stroke, heart attack, kidney failure and limb amputation. Roseane from Brazil has type 1 diabetes. In this image, she has her regular eye examination to prevent complications from her disease.

WHO/Quinn Mattingly

Preventing diabetes
To prevent type 2 diabetes, it is recommended that people eat healthily, be physically active and avoid excessive weight gain.

WHO/Quinn Mattingly

Access to essential medicines for diabetes
Insulin and oral hypoglycaemic agents are reported as generally available in only a minority of low- and middle-income countries. This image shows medicines in a cabinet at the National Hospital of Endocrinology in Hanoi, Viet Nam.

WHO/Fredrik Naumann

National capacity for prevention and control of diabetes
Most countries report having national policies on both diabetes and on related factors such as diet and physical activity. They also have national guidelines or protocols to improve the management of diabetes. In this image from Norway, Mikael, a teenager with type 1 diabetes, meets his doctor to discuss adjustments to his insulin intake. Together they talk about his blood sugar levels and other factors that influence type 1 diabetes.