In vitro diagnostics and laboratory technology

Guidance and training

Laboratory Aspects

Maintenance Manual for Laboratory Equipment, 2nd Edition

The Maintenance Manual for Laboratory Equipment was developed to support staff working in health laboratories. Its purpose is to give a better understanding of the technical requirements regarding installation, use and maintenance of various types of equipment which play an important role in carrying out diagnostic tests and techniques. 2008, 158 pages ISBN 978 92 4 159635 0

Manuel d'entretien et de maintenance des appareils de laboratoire, 2e édition

Le présent manuel a été élaboré pour aider le personnel des laboratoires de santé. Il vise à faire mieux connaître les exigences techniques concernant l’installation, l’utilisation et l’entretien des divers équipements qui jouent un rôle majeur dans l’exécution des tests de diagnostic. 2008, 168 pages, ISBN 978 92 4 259635 9

Manual of Basic Techniques for a Health Laboratory, 2nd Edition

This manual is a practical guide to the safe and accurate performance of basic laboratory techniques. Intended for use in peripheral-level laboratories in developing countries, it emphasizes simple, economical procedures that can yield accurate results where resources, including equipment, are scarce. 2003, 393 pages, ISBN 92 4 154530 5

Basic Laboratory Procedure in Clinical Bacteriology, 2nd Edition

This manual brings together and updates the various guidelines produced by WHO over the years on sampling of specimens for laboratory investigation, identification of bacteria and testing of antimicrobial resistance. 2003, 175 pages, ISBN 92 4 154545 3

Laboratory Biosafety Manual

This manual is a helpful reference and guide for establishing national codes of practice for the safe handling of pathogenic microorganisms in laboratories. New chapters have been added to this edition on risk assessment, safe use of recombinant DNA technology and transport of infectious materials. In addition, concepts on biosecurity have been introduced. 2004, 178 pages, ISBN92 4 154650 6