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Chagas test kit evaluations

Infection with Trypanosoma cruzi causing Chagas disease is mainly endemic in South and Latin America. Nevertheless, other parts of the world such as the USA and parts of Europe are considering testing all blood donations for T. cruzi due to migration of people from endemic areas and changing travel patterns ( tourism).

Composition of the panel

Evaluations of test kits that are primarily produced in Latin America are carried out by the WHO Collaborating Centre, Fundação Pró-Sangue, São Paulo, Brazil on the WHO reference panel of serum/ plasma specimens collected from within the region.

Past evaluations

A total of 18 tests have been evaluated, including 11 ELISAs, 7 agglutination tests. Four confirmatory assays, including an immunofluorescence, immunoblot, Western blot and radio-immunoprecipitation (RIPA) tests were used to characterise the panel.

The obtained data are being used for the development guidelines and appropriate testing strategies.

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