In vitro diagnostics and laboratory technology

HIV Incidence

The WHO Technical HIV Incidence Assay Working Group Objectives

The WHO Technical HIV Incidence Assay Working Group aims to:

  • Share and advance the science on HIV incidence assays and create a central resource/knowledge repository.
  • Provide guidance and advocacy documents on the use of HIV incidence assays.
  • Assess and foster the development of improved HIV incidence assays

Strategies to achieve the objectives:

  • Literature review: A search will be conducted of all published papers that have reported on the evaluation of a test for recent HIV infection. A database will be created and a scientific journal published.
  • Needs assessment: An assessment will be conducted to better understand the global need and demand for assays to detect recent infection.
  • Definition of the statistical requirements for the appropriate use of HIV incidence assays.
  • Establishment of specifications for HIV incidence assays development.
  • Protocol development: Develop a protocol outlining the pathway on how to evaluate and validate HIV incidence assays, including a description of the desired specimen panels for each step.
  • Algorithm development: Investigate the possibility of combining assays to obtain more reliable incidence measures.