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   Fruit and vegetables

Below please find links to some programmes being conducted around the world to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. This list is not meant to be exhaustive.

The provision of a link from the WHO website to other sites does not indicate endorsement of those sites by WHO, and WHO accepts no responsibility for the validity or accuracy of their content.

Regional programmes

- European Partnership for Fruits, Vegetables and Better Health (EPBH)

- Fruits and Vegetables for Health
Promoting healthy eating in Europe: involves Germany, Portugal, Spain, UK

National programmes

These are links to websites of national programmes promoting the increased consumption of fruit and vegetables. These programmes are public-private partnerships between the fruit and vegetable producers and/or retailers, health related NGOs, such as national nutrition or cancer societies, and Ministries of Health and/or Agriculture. They are listed alphabetically by country name.

- Argentina
- Australia
- Canada
- Denmark
- France
- Germany
- Japan
- Mexico
- New Zealand
- Spain
- Switzerland - French
- Switzerland - German
- United Kingdom
- United States of America - Produce for Better Health Foundation
- United States of America - National Cancer institute


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