Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health

Consultation process

Consultation meeting reports

In response to World Health Assembly resolution WHA55.23, the WHO Noncommunicable Diseases and Mental Health Cluster (NMH) embarked on a consultation process with stakeholders to develop the Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health. This process included meetings with Member States, with UN agencies and other intergovernmental organizations, with civil society and with the private sector. This consultation process provided the content basis for the strategy.

The following links provide access to meeting reports of the various consultations that have taken place.

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Regional consultations with Member States

WHO Member States are grouped into six regions:

These regions are organizational groupings and, while they are based on geographical terms, are not synonymous with geographical areas. Note that the WHO regions are not the same as those of the United Nations. Each WHO regional has a regional office.

The following Member States participated in the regional consultations:

Consultation with UN and other agencies

Consultation with NGOs / civil society

Consultation with private sector