Disability and rehabilitation

Community-based rehabilitation indicators manual

This manual contains indicators capable of capturing the difference CBR makes in the lives of people with disabilities who live in a community where CBR is implemented. The indicators are designed to capture the differences between adults, youth and children with disabilities and those without disabilities in the areas of health, education, social life, livelihood and empowerment. This comparability provides valuable information to CBR managers, policy-makers and donors , which can be used to guide decision making, support advocacy and improve accountability. The manual provides a simple, brief and intuitive guide to selecting appropriate indicators and collecting the data to inform them.

Android App for data collection

Data collection is made easy and more efficient with an Android app that is freely available. This app can consolidate the results of the data collection and generate graphs automatically.

Click HERE to download the app.

Users of this manual are called to be active participants in strengthening the monitoring and evaluation of CBR by sharing their experiences with WHO and the CBR community.

Have you used the CBR indicators? Email your story to millsj@who.int

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