Disability and rehabilitation

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) global database

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) is being practiced in more than 90 countries of the world, but there is no central database of CBR implementers and activities. Considering this, WHO has taken the initiative to create a global database.

The CBR global database will facilitate greater exchange of knowledge and information among the CBR community. It will assist to collect information on where CBR is being practiced and eventually allow for identification of a global coverage rate. This in turn will assist to identify gaps and develop future plans of action. WHO will use this global database to update enlisted members on the Organization's activities related to disability and rehabilitation with a specific focus on CBR.

All submissions to the global database are the views of the respective organizations or individuals providing the information and are not verified by WHO. However if there is any inaccuracy in the data please contact khasnabisc@who.int.

Information on CBR is listed by country. Please select from the country list below.