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Government of Syria scales up efforts in community-based rehabilitation

7 March 2006 - During the week of 27 February 2006, WHO participated in a mission to Syria to work with the government to explore ways to scale up community-based rehabilitation (CBR) services and take stock of the CBR services currently available in the country. With the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, the mission also discussed the possible expansion of an on-going CBR pilot study in one region of the country to the national level. WHO staff took an active part in a national workshop where examples of CBR projects from different countries were featured and the CBR matrix developed by WHO was introduced. Following the mission, the WHO country office and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency will support the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour to develop a draft 5-year national plan on CBR. WHO and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency will also collaborate on promoting and supporting CBR across the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region.

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