Disability and rehabilitation

WHO statement on involuntary sterilization

WHO is developing a Statement on involuntary sterilization, an issue which is particularly relevant to people with disabilities. In recent months, WHO led a broad and inclusive consultation process which included:

  • On 12 September, a meeting with governments and civil society during the Conference of States Parties in New York. After the consultation, participants were requested to comment on the Statement and twenty responses were received;
  • On 27 October, a consultation with people with intellectual disabilities at the Global Forum of Inclusion International in Washington DC;
  • Further consultation with people with intellectual disabilities on a plain language version of the Statement;
  • On 15-16 October an expert consultation held in Geneva to discuss the Statement in detail.

As a result of these inputs, the proposed Statement has been strengthened. Other UN agencies are now reviewing the Statement and assessing how they may be able to support its implementation.

The Statement will be launched in the second quarter of 2013. The preparation of the Statement was supported by the Open Society Foundations.