Disability and rehabilitation

Self-advocates guide the development of the world report

In November 2008 in Ottawa, Canada, self-advocates at the Inclusion International Global Forum for Inclusion and International Gathering of Self-Advocates supplied valuable feedback on the preliminary draft of the upcoming World report on disability. Input from people with disabilities, including people with intellectual impairments, is a key part of ensuring that the world report will address the most important issues facing people with disabilities and reflect their lived experiences.

After hearing a plain language presentation on the draft report's structure, themes, and the topics covered, a geographically diverse group of self-advocates responded with feedback on the preliminary draft and highlighted key messages and recommendations to be included in the report. Several also offered stories from their lives that illuminate particular issues addressed in the report. The comments from this consultation will be reviewed by the report's Editorial Committee and Secretariat and used to help shape the next drafts of the report. Members of Inclusion International and other Disabled People's Organizations will also be involved in the upcoming peer review process. The World report on disabilityis expected to be launched in December 2010.