Disability and rehabilitation

Task Force to mainstream disability across WHO

To support implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, WHO created a Task Force on Disability. The goal of this group, which includes representatives from all levels of the Organization, is to ensure that WHO programs and projects are designed and implemented taking into account people with disabilities. In line with the principles of the Convention, disability should be a mainstream issue across the Organization. One of the early responsibilities of the Task Force was to carry out a mapping of current activities and initiatives, including resolutions adopted by the World Health Assembly and WHO Regional Committees to identify gaps and opportunities. Seminars and training modules were offered to staff to raise awareness and understanding of disability issues. The needs of staff and visitors with disabilities are also being addressed, particularly in terms of access to WHO's information, employment and buildings. People with disabilities are fully involved in the process. The Task Force has made recommendations to the WHO Director-General for future disability policy across the Organization.


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